Software updates overview

You can easily update your device software or Nokia Ovi Suite with Nokia Ovi Suite’s software updates wizard. If you already have the latest device software installed, but for some reason it is not working properly, you can also reinstall it with the same wizard. In addition, you can install and update certain device applications.

Ovi Nokia Help warning Software updates overview Warning:

Do not use the standalone Nokia Software Updater program when you are using Nokia Ovi Suite software updates wizard in order to avoid device malfunctions!



About checking for updates

Nokia Ovi Suite checks at regular intervals if there are any software updates available (either for your device or for Nokia Ovi Suite itself). If there are any, a notification is automatically displayed in Nokia Ovi Suite Home and in the Windows notification area, which is at the far right end of the taskbar. You can also see the number of available updates on top of the software updates icon in the top navigation bar. Clicking either the displayed notifications or the top navigation bar icon opens the software updates wizard for you to begin updating.

Ovi Nokia Help info Software updates overview Note:

If you have been transferring copy protected music tracks prior to using the software updates wizard, switch your device’s USB mode back to Nokia Ovi Suite (or PC Suite) USB mode. Refer to the user guide of your device for more detailed information on selecting the USB mode.

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