Device software update

When a new device update is available, the software update is downloaded to your computer automatically. You can use Nokia Ovi Suite normally while the download is ongoing. From Tools > Options > General you can define whether you want automatic downloads to take place.

Ovi Nokia Help tip Device software update Tip:

You can easily check if your device software is up to date. Just right-click the device image in the device area in the lower left-hand corner of Nokia Ovi Suite, and select View device information.


Ovi Nokia Help info Device software update Note:

You need to have an active internet connection for Nokia Ovi Suite to be able to download the software updates to your computer, as well as install the updates on your device.

If you are connected with a modem, the automatic download is not active by default. You can still download the software updates manually. Take into account that this might cause higher data transfer costs.


What you should know about installing the device software updates:

  • To be able to install device software updates, you need to be signed in to your Nokia account. To sign in, or if you do not have a Nokia account yet, click Sign in in the Nokia Ovi Suite top navigation bar.

  • If your device is connected via Bluetooth, switch the connection to a USB cable.

  • If you have encrypted your memory card, decrypt it prior to updating your device software. If you do not decrypt the memory card, it cannot be accessed anymore after the update has been installed. After decrypting the memory card, you can update your device software normally.

  • If your device is the kind that preserves its content, an automatic backup is still made as a safety measure of certain device content. The content included in the automatic backup consists of your contacts, messages, calendar and notes, and bookmarks and web feeds.


Device software update