Device applications’ update

You can update your device’s applications that have been provided by Nokia with the software updates wizard. You can also update your device’s Maps application and all your downloaded maps and voice guidance files. You are notified when a device application update is available to install.

Ovi Nokia Help info Device applications update Note:

Make sure Nokia Ovi Suite saves Maps content in the same device memory as the one defined in the device’s Maps application settings. For more information, see Modifying Maps options.

Some device models do not support all features of Nokia Ovi Suite. Therefore some features described in this help may not be available for the device model that you are using.

About the device connection when updating device applications

If your device is connected via Bluetooth, switch the connection to a USB cable. For example, downloading and installing the device’s Maps application update, along with the maps and voice guidance files, will take a considerable amount of time with a Bluetooth connection.

About your Nokia account when updating device applications

To install device application updates, you need to be signed in to your Nokia account. To sign in, or if you do not have a Nokia account yet, click Sign in in the Nokia Ovi Suite top navigation bar.

Alternatively, you can sign in to your Nokia account, or create one, through the software updates wizard. The Nokia account wizard is included to the software updates wizard if you have not signed in to your Nokia account or created one yet.

About the applications

Information about the applications and updates

Once you get to the Get Started window of the software updates wizard, all the available device applications are listed in the following priority order:

  • required

  • important

  • recommended

  • optional.


The term “update” is shown after the application’s name for the applications that are updates to the ones already installed on your device.

Ovi Nokia Help info Device applications update Note:

Sometimes you may need to install some new, required applications to your device. The required applications are at the top of the list. Due to the significance of the required applications, they are selected by default and cannot be deselected. The required applications are needed for your device to work properly and enable you to get the most out of your device.


You can check what the application’s priority status is, and get more information about the application, by highlighting it and reading the status and additional info from the information area, which is on the right side of the Get started window.

When you click Install, the application updates you have selected, and any possible required applications, are installed on your device.


About updating the device’s Maps application

When you click Install, the device’s Maps software is first downloaded, and then installed. After the installation of the Maps software, the wizard checks the status of the device’s maps, voice guidance files, and licenses. If these are not compatible with the new version of the Maps software, the wizard proceeds to delete the old versions from your device, and after the deletion, the wizard downloads and transfers the new versions to your device.

Also, when you have downloaded the map of a country for the first time, information about the cities of the continent it belongs to is also downloaded and transferred to your device. This information is updated along with the maps, voice guidance files, and licenses.

To complete the update installation, open the Maps application on your device. Opening the application creates the necessary operating folders in your device and enables Maps in Nokia Ovi Suite to connect to your device. If you still have Nokia Ovi Suite open at this point, it is recommended to close the device’s Maps application once it has fully started, to avoid any application malfunctions.

Ovi Nokia Help info Device applications update Note:

Some device models require that you complete the updating of the maps’ licenses in the device’s Maps application. To do this, in your device, go to Maps > Options > Extras > My licenses, and select Update.

Device applications’ update