Modifying notes sync options

To modify the sync options for your notes items, do the following:

  1. Go to Tools > Options > Notes.

  2. Define with which data management software you want to keep your notes in sync. If you have only one data management software application installed on your computer, that is automatically used as the syncing partner with your device and no option for that is shown.


Ovi Nokia Help info Modifying notes sync options Note:

Only the data management software that is installed on your computer is shown on the list. If you do not have any of the supported data management software installed on your computer, you cannot sync your notes, calendar or tasks. To check which software is supported by Nokia Ovi Suite, see System requirements.

It is not possible to sync notes between Nokia Ovi Suite and the separate notes application available in Nokia N900. You can, however, sync notes between Nokia Ovi Suite and notes from the device’s calendar application.

  1. The data management software’s default user profile and notes folder are automatically selected for use in the syncing. To change these, click Change.

  2. Select which source’s information overrides the other sources’ information in case there is a sync conflict. For example, if you know that your device usually has the latest information, you can choose that Nokia Ovi Suite always takes the information from your device and updates that to your data management software.


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