Downloading voice guidance files

You can download a voice guidance file to be used with the maps you have downloaded. A voice guidance file offers turn-by-turn instructions on how to find your way to your destination. Your device uses the downloaded voice guidance file when you are using the device’s Maps application.

When downloading voice guidance files, it is better to connect your device to your computer with a USB cable instead of Bluetooth, because this makes the downloading much faster.

Ovi Nokia Help info Downloading voice guidance files Note:

Before you can use the voice guidance with the downloaded maps, you may need to obtain a licence online. For further information, see Map and voice guidance licences.


To download a voice guidance file, do the following:

  1. Select Voice guidance files in the navigation area. Note that if voice-guided navigation isn’t available for your device model, you cannot select this item.

  2. Select the language you want the guidance in.

  3. Either click Download, or drag the voice file to the device’s image. You can repeat that for each voice file you want to download. The voice files are downloaded to your device one by one from the online map service.


Canceling downloads

When you click Downloads in the navigation area, you see a list of maps and voice guidance files that are currently being downloaded, are queued for downloading, or have just been downloaded to your device. Here you have the following options for canceling downloads:

  • To cancel downloading a single map or voice guidance file, click the cancel button next to the desired item. With the file that is currently being downloaded, you need to hover the mouse cursor over the file name to get the cancel button visible.

  • To cancel downloading all maps and voice guidance files, click Cancel all in the upper right-hand corner of the Downloads view or click the X icon next to the progress bar.


To see which maps and voice guidance languages you have on your device, click Maps and voice guidance in the device area.

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