About syncing

Syncing means that you update content between different locations, for example, between your device and Nokia Ovi Suite.

By syncing content, you can keep it up to date in your device, Nokia Ovi Suite, and your data management software (such as Microsoft Outlook). And, in case you would ever happen to lose your device, having content synced keeps it safe in Nokia Ovi Suite.

For information about sync options for your device, see Modifying device sync options.

For information about syncing different Nokia Ovi Suite contents, see the following:


Ovi Nokia Help info About syncing Note:

Some device models do not support all features of Nokia Ovi Suite. Therefore some features described in this help may not be available for the device model that you are using.

When using Nokia Ovi Suite and syncing your personal content between your device and computer, it is recommended that you make use of the Windows user profiles (also known as user accounts). This helps protect the personal content you have on your device, and to separate your information from other possible users. For more information about the Windows user profiles, see Windows help (accessible via the Start menu).

About syncing