About syncing bookmarks and web feeds

Bookmarks are the web sites you have marked as your favorite sites when browsing the internet. Web feeds are web feed formats used to publish frequently-updated works in a standardized format. These works include, for example, blog entries, audio, and video.

You can sync your bookmarks and web feeds between the device and your computer’s web browser if your device supports this type of function. The browsers you can sync with are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

In the browser, your device’s bookmarks and web feeds are synced to separate folders for mobile bookmarks and mobile feeds. These are created by Nokia Ovi Suite during the syncing. By having the separate folders you can easily keep track of what was synced between your device and the browser.

Ovi Nokia Help info About syncing bookmarks and web feeds Note:

When syncing the device’s bookmarks for the first time, the mobile bookmarks folder is created in the browser and the bookmarks from the device are synced to this folder. However, no bookmarks are synced from the browser to your device. If you want to sync any bookmarks from a web browser to your device, you need to move the desired bookmarks to the mobile bookmarks folder and then start syncing from Nokia Ovi Suite.


To modify the sync options for your bookmarks and web feeds, do the following:

  1. Go to Tools > Options > Bookmarks and web feeds.

  2. Define with which web browser you want to keep your bookmarks and web feeds in sync. If you have only one web browser installed on your computer, it is automatically used as the syncing partner with your device.

  3. Select which source’s information overrides the other sources’ information in case there is a sync conflict. For example, if you know that your browser usually has the latest bookmarks, you can choose that; in case of a conflict, Nokia Ovi Suite always takes the information from the browser and updates that to your device.


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