Privacy practices

Nokia operates a policy of ongoing development. As part of this policy, Nokia Ovi Suite collects diagnostic information that helps Nokia to improve its products and services. Nokia Ovi Suite collects information about users’ computer configurations and the Nokia device models used with the software, for example.

No information is sent to Nokia without your consent. By allowing the sending of information to Nokia, you can help us develop and improve Nokia Ovi Suite based on users’ needs.

If you want to discontinue sending information, just change the related option in the General tab of Nokia Ovi Suite options. The sending of information will then be discontinued.

To change your privacy-related settings, do the following:

  1. Select Tools > Options and go to the General tab.

  2. Under Privacy, select if you want to allow the sending of diagnostic information to Nokia.


Ovi Nokia Help info Privacy practices Note:

To see what kind of information is collected and how such information is processed, click Details. You can also view Nokia’s privacy policy (requires an internet connection).

Privacy practices