Troubleshooting video playback

If a video cannot be played, the reason may be one of the following:

  • You do not have the appropriate video drivers installed on your computer.

    • To troubleshoot driver problems in Windows XP: Select Start > Settings > Control panel. Double-click System, click the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager. Click the ‘+’ sign to expand Display adapters tree view. Double-click the video adapter driver. In the General tab, click Troubleshoot.

    • To check the driver status in Windows Vista and Windows 7, you need administrator rights. Select Start  > Control panel. Select System and Security, or System. On the left pane, select  Device Manager. Click the arrow next to Display adapters and double-click the display adapter. Check the General tab to see if the driver is working properly.

Note that the paths described above may vary depending on the set-up of your system.

If the sales package of your computer included a disc for the installation of drivers, try reinstalling them or search for the updated drivers on the display adapter manufacturer’s website.


  • One or several of the required DirectX components has not been installed. Check your operating system’s help for DirectX troubleshooting instructions. DirectX components are available for download on Microsoft’s website.

  • You do not have the appropriate video hardware installed. Check that your computer matches the Nokia Ovi Suite system requirements. For the system properties of your computer, right-click My computer and select Properties.

  • Audio licence is missing or has expired. Connect your device to Nokia Ovi Suite to enable audio in the video.


Check these and make the necessary corrections before you try to play videos again.

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Troubleshooting video playback