Creating albums

You can create albums based on specific themes or locations, for example. Albums are containers that help you organize your photos and videos so that they are convenient to view and easy to find.

To create an album in the photo library, do the following:

  1. Click Create album in the navigation area to create the album in the photo library.
    This creates an album with a default name, for example, New album 1, in the area.

  2. Type a name for the album. An album name can contain a maximum of 35 characters.

  3. Press Enter to confirm the new album name. Note that all album names must be unique.

  4. Drag one or several photos or videos to the album from any album in the photo library or on your device.


Ovi Nokia Help tip Creating albums Tip:

To add photos and videos to an album in your photo library, you can also highlight the desired files, right-click and select Add to album. From the list of existing albums, select the album where you want to add the photos and videos , or click New album to create a new album where the files will be added.

To check the number of files in an album, highlight the desired album name in the navigation or device area. The number displayed after the album name indicates the number of files in the album.

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