Syncing your content

You can keep the content on your mobile device in sync with Nokia Ovi Suite. This means you can access the same content both on your mobile device and on your computer. If you ever lose your device, all your content is safe in Nokia Ovi Suite.

Getting started with sync

The first time you connect your device to the computer, none of your device content is displayed in Nokia Ovi Suite. Start by defining your sync options and by syncing device content. Possible content types to sync are: contacts, photos and videos, messages, calendar and task items, notes, and bookmarks and web feeds.

Ovi Nokia Help info Syncing your content Note:

Some of the content types listed above may not be available. This depends on the device model you are using and the applications installed on your computer.

To set up sync, do the following:

  1. Go to the Home view in Nokia Ovi Suite and select Set up sync.

  2. Select which content types you want to sync between your device and Nokia Ovi Suite.

  3. Select whether or not you want the content types to be synced automatically. Automatic syncing occurs whenever you connect your device to Nokia Ovi Suite, or when you select another device than the one you were using from the device selection area.


Ovi Nokia Help info Syncing your content Note:

Do not disconnect your device from the computer while content is being synced.

If content cannot be fully synced between your device and computer, a dialogue opens showing you detailed information about possible problems (for example, connection to your device may have been lost).


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