Home overview

Home shows you your latest content in Nokia Ovi Suite divided into four areas (contacts, photos, messages, and music), and offers you an easy-to-use starting point for making the most of this  content.

From the Home view you also have easy access to recommended applications, games, music, and other content that you can download from Ovi Store. For more information, see Applications, music and more from Ovi.

Your device and Nokia Ovi Suite

Connect your mobile device to the computer to make the most of Nokia Ovi Suite. For more information, see Connectivity overview. When your mobile device is connected to the computer, you can see an image of your device with the device name displayed in the device area of Home. For more information on the device area, see Connected devices. For instructions on how to rename your device or back up your device automatically, see Modifying device options.

Your latest content in Home

The first time you connect your device to the computer, areas reserved for your personal content are empty. Start by choosing what content you want to sync between your device and Nokia Ovi Suite. For detailed instructions, see Syncing your content.

Home also lets you dive deeper into the four content types. For example, click the contacts area in Home to open the Contacts view where you can view and edit all your contacts. To return to Home, click Home in the Nokia Ovi Suite top navigation bar. For more information, see Contacts in Home, Messaging in Home, Music in Home, and Photos in Home.

Useful tips on Nokia Ovi Suite usage and easy access to Nokia Ovi Suite tools

In the left-hand side of the Home view you can see a selection of tips for using Nokia Ovi Suite. There you also have easy access to some of the most useful tools in Nokia Ovi Suite, whenever you most need them. The tips and tool links include the following:

  • Update Nokia Ovi Suite, Update device software, or Install applications: Check out the latest software updates and keep both Nokia Ovi Suite and your Nokia device up to date. You can also install and update certain device applications. Also available via Tools > Software updates. For more information, see Software updates overview.

  • Connect to internet: Use your mobile device to connect an off-line computer to the internet. Also available via Tools > Connect to internet. For more information, see Internet connections overview.

  • Set up sync: Choose what to sync between your device and Nokia Ovi Suite and if you want to sync content automatically every time you connect your device to the computer. Also available via Sync > Sync options. For more information, see About syncing.

  • Back up device: Back up the contents of your device to make sure that your important files and information are safe in Nokia Ovi Suite. Also available via Tools > Backup. For more information, see Backup and restore overview.

  • Add your content: Select watch folders to automatically add photos, videos, and music tracks from selected folders on your computer to Nokia Ovi Suite. The dialogue for selecting the folders appears automatically when you start Photos or Music, but have not defined any watch folders yet. When Add your content is no longer available in the Home view, you can always access it by selecting File > Add watch folders.


Ovi Nokia Help info Home overview Note:

Not all of the tips and tool links are available at all times.

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