Playing music

With Music, you can play tracks from the music collection on your computer. You can play tracks by a chosen artist or from a chosen album, or a playlist you have created.

For more information on viewing music tracks on your computer or on your device, see Browsing your music.

To play music from your music collection, do the following:

  1. Select Music library in the navigation area. The items area shows all albums or artists in your music collection.

  2. Click the buttons at the top of the items area to switch between the artist and album modes.

  3. To play the tracks by a chosen artist or a specific album, select the artist or the album name in the items area.

  4. In the content area, double-click a track to begin playing. When the selected track is finished, playback continues with the next track in the content area.


Ovi Nokia Help tip Playing music Tip:

You can also play a playlist in your music collection. To do so, click the name of the desired playlist in the navigation area. When the tracks contained in the playlist are shown in the content area, double-click a track to begin playing the playlist.


Shuffling music

To get a refreshing listening experience, you can shuffle playing music. This means that music is played in a randomly chosen order. When playing music, select Edit > Shuffle to turn on the shuffling of music. From the next track on, you will hear randomly chosen tracks. You can choose to shuffle an album only, or by selecting Music library you can shuffle all your music.

Controlling playback

To use the playback controls (for example, adjust the playback volume and skip to the previous or the next track), use the buttons in the player area, which is in the lower right-hand corner of Nokia Ovi Suite. There’s also the playback time display, where you can check the track duration, the time elapsed, and the amount of time remaining. For more information, see Controlling playback.

Ovi Nokia Help tip Playing music Tip:

During music playback you can double-click the album art in the player area. This lets you view the contents of your music collection in the album mode with the currently playing track highlighted.

Ovi Nokia Help info Playing music Note:

If you start playing a video while listening to music, the music playback is paused automatically.

If you have trouble playing music tracks, the DRM licences might be missing. For more information, see Recovering music licences after updating your device software.

Playing music