Opening Music

To open Music, do one of the following:

  • Click the Music area in Nokia Ovi Suite Home.

  • Click the Music icon in the Nokia Ovi Suite top navigation bar.

  • Select View > Go to > Music in the menu.


When Music opens, the items area shows all albums or artists, and the content area shows all tracks from your music collection on the computer. The tracks are shown according to the artist or album name depending on which mode you have selected. Click the buttons at the top of the items area to switch between the two modes. You can double-click a track to play it.

When you open Music for the first time, your music collection contains all music from the My Music folder on your computer. If you store music in any other folders on your computer, you can add these folders as watch folders. For detailed instructions on how to do this, see Adding music from your computer.

To view the music stored on your device, select Music library in the device area.

Ovi Nokia Help info Opening Music Note:

If you are restoring device content, the device area is closed in all Nokia Ovi Suite views to avoid device malfunctions while restoration is ongoing.


For more information on viewing your music tracks, see Browsing your music.

Note that tracks must be in an audio format supported by Nokia Ovi Suite. For more information, see Audio file formats.

Opening Music