Copy protection and DRM licences

To play copy protected tracks in your music collection or to transfer them to your mobile device, you need a licence. If a track is missing a licence, you may need to go online to download or purchase it from Ovi Music.

Ovi Music only supports DRM (Digital Rights Management) licences in the Windows Media format (WM DRM). DRM licences control the usage of digital content.

Ovi Nokia Help info Copy protection and DRM licenses Note:

Your computer must be authorised to play or transfer copy protected content. This is usually already done if you have purchased or played any copy protected content with Nokia Ovi Player or some other application.


When you transfer a copy protected track from your computer to your mobile device, a transfer licence which allows the track to be played on the mobile device is generated on the computer or downloaded from the music store where you originally bought the track. This licence is then transferred along with the track. Some tracks may have only a limited number of transfer rights. If the track does not have enough transfer rights remaining, you may need to get a new licence from the music store before transferring the track to your mobile device.

Ovi Nokia Help info Copy protection and DRM licenses Note:

When copying music between your device and computer, it is recommended that you use a USB cable connection and, depending on the device model you are using, either use the Nokia Ovi Suite or PC Suite mode if your device selects it automatically or you need to select the media transfer mode. Then the DRM licenses that are required for playing copy protected tracks are also transferred along with the tracks. Transferring music over a Bluetooth connection is slower, and does not transfer the DRM licenses for your tracks. In this case, DRM licenses need to be checked via the mobile network the next time you play the tracks in your device.

If you have trouble playing music tracks, the DRM licenses might be missing. For more information, see Recovering music licenses after updating your device software.


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