Browsing your music

Browsing the music on your computer

When you open Music, Music library is selected, and the content area shows all tracks from your music collection on the computer. The tracks are shown according to the artist or album name, depending on the mode that is selected in the items area. Click the buttons at the top of the items area to switch between the two modes:

  • If you select the artist mode, you can click an artist’s name to view all the tracks from that artist, arranged in albums.

  • In the album mode, you can click an album name to view all the tracks on that album.


To view the most recent music in your music collection, select Recently added in the navigation area. This smart group includes all the music that has been added to your music collection in Nokia Ovi Suite in the last two weeks. You can have downloaded the music online, copied it from your device, or added it from a selected folder on your computer, for example. Note that the contents of a smart group are updated automatically and that you cannot rename, edit, or delete a smart group.

Browsing the music on your device

To view the tracks stored on your device, select Music library in the device area. You can see the artists or albums listed in the items area, and the tracks in the content area. To refresh the view, highlight Music library in the device area and press F5.

If you receive an error message that reading the tracks failed, the WPD driver installation has probably failed for the device. Check the instructions in Troubleshooting browsing and copying music.


Ovi Nokia Help info Browsing your music Note:

If you are restoring device content, the device area is closed in all Nokia Ovi Suite views to avoid device malfunctions while restoration is ongoing.

If you cannot find a specific artist or a certain album in your music collection, disconnect your device from the computer, and refresh your device’s music library. Then reconnect your device to the computer.

Ovi Nokia Help tip Browsing your music Tips:

The number displayed after a group or playlist name in the navigation area indicates the number of tracks in the group or playlist.

To check a track’s length, highlight the desired track in the content area. The track’s length is displayed after the track name.


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