Viewing and creating playlists

Viewing playlist contents

You can see all your playlists listed in the navigation area. The number displayed after a playlist name indicates how many tracks belong to the playlist.

To view the contents of a playlist, click the playlist name in the navigation area. You can then see the following information about the playlist:

  • a summary of the playlist (number of tracks, total length of tracks, playlist size),

  • track, artist and album names for all tracks that belong to the playlist,

  • the length of each track.


To create a playlist, do the following:

  1. In the navigation area, click Music library. The items area shows all albums or artists, and the content area shows all tracks from your music collection on the computer.

  2. Click the Artists or the Albums button at the top of the items area depending on if you want to include all the tracks of a certain artist or album to the playlist. Highlight the desired artist or album name in the items area.
    In the content area, highlight the tracks you want to include in the new playlist.

  3. Drag the highlighted items over the Create playlist button in the navigation area. This creates a playlist with a default name.

  4. Type a name for the playlist.

  5. Press Enter to confirm the new playlist name.


Ovi Nokia Help tip Viewing and creating playlists Tips:

When creating a playlist, you can also right-click the highlighted tracks and select Add to playlist > New playlist or an existing playlist.

If you want to rename a playlist afterwards, highlight the playlist name in the navigation area and select Edit > Rename.


For instructions on how to further edit your playlists, see Managing playlists. For instructions on how to copy music to your mobile device, see Copying music to device.

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