Downloading music online

You can discover and download music online on Ovi Music. Extend your music collection by downloading your favorite tracks and also discover new artists and hits. You can play the music you have downloaded, create playlists, and transfer music to your device.

The tracks you buy from Ovi Music are DRM-free and in MP3 format which means you can transfer them to any device you like.

If you have no credit left in your Nokia account to buy tracks, click Add credit in Nokia Ovi Suite. This takes you to Ovi Music online where you can add credit to your account. Then return to Nokia Ovi Suite and continue exploring the music that is on offer.

To search for music available on Ovi Music, do the following:

  1. First sign in to your Nokia account by clicking Sign in in the Nokia Ovi Suite top navigation bar.

  2. In the Music view, click Find music on Ovi in the navigation area.

  3. Enter the artist, album, or track name into the search field and click the search button. The search results are displayed.

  4. To scroll through the search results, hold the mouse cursor over an item and drag to the left or right.

  5. Double-click any search result to see more details and to download tracks straight from the search results. You can also choose to filter the search results by clicking the album or track icon.

  6. Click the download button for the desired track or album. By default, the music you download is saved in the My Music folder on your computer, and added to your music collection in Nokia Ovi Suite. To change the default music folder location, select Tools > Options, and go to the Music tab.


Ovi Nokia Help info Downloading music online Note:

When purchasing DRM-free tracks from Ovi Music, do not interrupt downloading the tracks before the download is finished. If you do so, you lose the tracks you already paid for.


Ovi Nokia Help tip Downloading music online Tip:

You can also click Browse all music on Ovi. This takes you to Ovi Music webstore. You can, for example, browse music based on the genre and browse various playlists.


Managing your music downloads

When you click Downloads in the Music view, you see a list of tracks that are currently being downloaded or that are queued for downloading. Here you can manage your music downloads as follows:

  • You can pause downloading music by clicking the Pause button in the upper right-hand corner of the Downloads view. When downloading is paused, the button changes into a Resume All button. Click it when you want to resume downloading music.

  • You can remove any track from the download queue.

  • If downloading a track fails, you can try downloading it again.

  • You can double-click a desired track to view the track in your music library.


To learn more about how to use Ovi Music, see online support.

Downloading music online