Viewing messages

When viewing the messages stored on the computer or on your device, you can get a quick overview of the messages by viewing the message list in the items area. In the items area, you can see the first words of each message. When you highlight a message in the items area, you can see the entire message text in the content area.

To view the messages stored on your computer, highlight the group “All” in the navigation area. You can then see a list of all messages from your computer. You can also click any of the smart groups listed below the All group to view only those messages that belong to the selected smart group. For more information, see About smart groups.

You can view the messages stored on your computer as follows:

  • Arranged by the date when a message was sent or received.

  • Arranged by the contact who sent or received the message.


Click the buttons at the top of the items area to switch between the two modes.

To view the messages from your device when the device is connected to the computer, in the device area of the Messaging view, highlight any of the messaging folders on your device, such as Inbox, Sent, or Drafts (the folder names vary). You can then see a list of the messages contained in the selected folder.

Viewing message threads

You can view all the messages you have sent to or received from a particular contact in a message thread. To view a message thread, highlight the desired message in the items area, and the entire message thread with the contact in question is shown in the content area. The message thread is shown in chronological order, with the most recent message at the top of the list.


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