Creating and sending messages

Before you start sending messages, check that your device is connected to the computer. Connected devices are shown in the device status area. You can connect your device to the computer using a cable connection or a Bluetooth wireless technology connection.

Ovi Nokia Help info Creating and sending messages Note:

If you are using a device with two SIM cards (a dual SIM device), SIM1 is used for sending messages. SIM1 is in the internal SIM card holder of the device. If you want to send a message using the other SIM card, swap the SIM cards in your device.


To create and send a message, do the following:

  1. In the items area, click Create message.

  2. Start typing the name or phone number of the desired recipient. You can see a list of matching contacts found from your device or computer. From the list, select the recipient you want to add, and press Enter.

  3. If you want to add more recipients, click Add recipient.

  4. When you have finished adding recipients for your message, click Close.

  5. Write your message in the text box. When typing the message, you can see the number of characters left and the number of messages that will be sent below the text box.

  6. Click Send.


Ovi Nokia Help tip Creating and sending messages Tip:

To remove a recipient from a message you are writing, highlight the desired recipient, and press Delete.

To create a new contact, right-click the message and select the corresponding option.

Creating and sending messages