About smart groups

In Messaging, you do not need to manually move messages into a traditional folder structure. Instead, you can use smart groups to group messages that have something in common, based on a set of criteria. Messages that fulfill the criteria (for example, unread messages or messages you have received during a particular week) are then listed under a shared smart group heading.

The contents of smart groups are updated automatically. Thus, a message can first be included in a smart group called Today, from where it is automatically moved to a smart group called This week.

In addition to the predefined smart groups, you can create smart groups according to your personal needs, for example, a smart group for messages you have received from a certain person.

Ovi Nokia Help info About smart groups Note:

You can use smart groups only for the messages stored on your computer. Smart groups do not apply to messages on your device. When viewing the messages from your device, you can filter messages to easily find a message you are looking for. For more information, see Filtering messages.


When viewing the messages stored on your computer, do either of the following:

  • Click All to view all the messages stored on your computer, or

  • Click any of the smart groups listed under All to view only those messages that belong to the group in question.


When you click on a smart group name in the navigation area, you can see a list of the messages contained in the smart group. Click any message in the items area to view the message contents in the content area.

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