Connected devices

To make full use of Nokia Ovi Suite, you should have your mobile device connected to the computer. When your device is connected, you can see the device’s image displayed in the device area in the lower left-hand corner of Nokia Ovi Suite. The device area displays the following information for a connected device:

  • The connected device’s name.

  • An icon for a USB cable connection or Bluetooth connection depending on which connection type you are using. Note that if you are using a USB cable connection and have selected media transfer mode to transfer DRM protected music, media transfer mode is indicated by a key icon in addition to the standard icon for a USB cable connection.

  • In the Home view, a button for defining the sync options for your device or for syncing content according to your current sync options.

  • In the Contacts, Messaging, or Photos view, a button for syncing the view’s content between your mobile device and computer, and information on whether the view is up to date.


No connected devices

If your device is not connected to Nokia Ovi Suite, the device area is empty. To connect your device for the first time, click the Connect device text in the empty device area, and select Add new device. You are then guided through a few simple steps to connect your device to Nokia Ovi Suite. For more information, see Connectivity overview.

Several connected devices

If you have several devices connected to Nokia Ovi Suite at the same time, all these devices are displayed in the device area, and you can switch the device you want to use by clicking the desired device’s image in the device area. Note that you cannot switch to using another device if content is being synced or if files are being copied between the currently used device and the computer.


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