Contacts overview

In Contacts you can do the following:

  • View and edit your contacts on your computer and device.

  • Sync your contacts between your device, Nokia Ovi Suite, and with the software you use on your computer for calendar and e-mail.

  • Move contacts between your computer and device by dragging them from one location to another.


For more information on supported computer software for calendar and e-mail, see System requirements.

Ovi Nokia Help info Contacts overview Note:

If you have been transferring copy protected music tracks prior to using Contacts, switch your device’s USB mode back to Nokia Ovi Suite (or PC Suite) mode. Refer to the user guide of your device for more detailed information on selecting the USB mode.

Some device models do not support all features of Nokia Ovi Suite. Therefore some features described in this help may not be available for the device model that you are using.

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Contacts overview