Syncing contacts

Syncing means that you update content between different locations – for example, between your device and Nokia Ovi Suite – so that you have the same content in each location. By syncing your contacts, you can keep them up to date in your device, Nokia Ovi Suite, and your data management software (such as Microsoft Outlook). Also, having your contacts synced keeps them safe in Nokia Ovi Suite in case you would ever happen to lose your device.

Ovi Nokia Help info Syncing contacts Note:

To sync contacts between your device and another sync location, the contacts in your device must be stored in the device’s memory instead of your SIM card. Refer to the user guide of your device for detailed instructions on how to move or copy your contacts from the SIM card to the device memory.

When you sync contacts between your device and Nokia Ovi Suite, contacts from the device are stored in Nokia Ovi Suite. If you sync the contacts of another device with Nokia Ovi Suite, the contacts from the first device are also synced to the currently connected device.

To avoid creating duplicate contacts, do not use other device applications, for example Mail for Exchange, for syncing your device’s contacts if you are already using Nokia Ovi Suite for this purpose.

If you have multiple devices connected to Nokia Ovi Suite at the same time, only the contacts of the currently active device (that is, the device that is currently selected in the device area) are synced when you click Sync contacts.

To sync your contacts from the device to computer, do one of the following:

  • If you are in Nokia Ovi Suite Home, click Sync in the Contacts area of Home.

  • If you are in the Contacts view of Nokia Ovi Suite, click Sync contactsin the device area.

Ovi Nokia Help tip Syncing contacts Tip:

You can also sync contacts automatically every time you connect your device to the computer. To do so, go to Tools > Options > Device sync to modify the sync options for your device.

Once the syncing is complete, you can check which contacts were modified in Nokia Ovi Suite or copied to Nokia Ovi Suite by clicking the Recently updated group in the Contacts navigation area. The Recently updated group includes contacts that were updated within the last two weeks.

Ovi Nokia Help info Syncing contacts Note:

A smart group cannot be renamed, edited, or deleted.

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Syncing contacts