Modifying contacts sync options

To modify the sync options for contacts, do the following:

  1. Go to Tools > Options, or right-click the device image in the device area and select Options for [devicename].

  2. Go to the Device sync tab, and from the drop-down menu, select the device for which you want to modify sync options. If you only have one device connected to the computer, the device is selected automatically.

  3. Select contacts to be synced.

  4. Select More options to go to the Contacts tab and select which data management software, if any, you want the contacts to be synced with. If you have only one data management software application installed on your computer, that is automatically used as the syncing partner with your device and no option for that is shown.

  1. The data management software’s default user profile and contacts folder are automatically selected for use in the syncing. To change these, click Change.

If you have not chosen to have your data management software’s user profile and folders synced before, click Choose profile and folder to select them now.

Ovi Nokia Help tip Modifying contacts sync options Tip:

If you are using Microsoft Outlook Express, you can choose multiple user profiles to be included in the syncing. Note that you cannot deselect the default profile and folder.

  1. Choose whether you want to receive a warning when some of your contacts are going to be deleted during syncing. If you do not want to receive the warning, deselect the check box for that option, and choose the better alternative for you from the two remaining sync options:

    • Sync and delete contacts: Sync contacts between your device and other sync locations, and allow the deletion of those contacts that you have deleted from one or more sync locations. For example, you have deleted a contact from your device and two others from your data management software. So, during syncing, and with this option selected, the one contact deleted from your device is also deleted from your data management software and Nokia Ovi Suite. Likewise, the two contacts deleted from your data management software are also deleted from your device and Nokia Ovi Suite.

    • Sync without deleting contacts: Sync contacts between your sync locations, but do not allow the deletion of those contacts from all other sync locations that you have deleted from one or more sync locations.

  1. Click OK to save the modifications you made and to close the dialog.



Modifying contacts sync options