Connectivity overview

When you have your Nokia mobile device connected to the computer, you can use Nokia Ovi Suite to do, for example, the following:

  • Keep your contacts up to date on your device and computer.

  • Get all your messages copied from your mobile device to the computer.

  • Copy your photos, videos, and music tracks between your mobile device and computer.

  • Back up the contents of your device and never worry about losing important messages, valuable contact information, or your favorite tracks, for example.


When you start Nokia Ovi Suite for the first time after installation, complete the steps listed below to connect your mobile device to the computer.

Steps to connect your device and computer:

  1. Connect your device to the computer by using a USB cable or Bluetooth wireless connection.

    If you are connecting via Bluetooth, Bluetooth modem drivers may need to be installed on your computer.

    Support software may also need to be installed on your mobile device. The support software is needed for keeping messages, contacts and bookmarks up to date on your device and computer. Accept the installation on your mobile device if the device asks for confirmation. The installation of Bluetooth modem drivers and support software depends on the device model you are using. If you cancel the installation or if the installation fails, it is later restarted automatically.

    1. Sign in to your Nokia account if you already have one or if your user account information has been obtained from your device.
      Create a Nokia account.
      With a Nokia account you can access a wide range of Ovi services – for example, get where you want to go with Nokia Maps.



    It is recommended that you use a USB cable connection if available. A USB cable connection is faster and easier to use than a Bluetooth connection. A USB cable is recommended especially if you plan to transfer a large number of photos or videos from your device to the computer, or a large amount of music from the computer to your device.

    Ovi Nokia Help info Connectivity overview Note:

    Not all mobile device models support both USB cable and Bluetooth connections. Refer to the user guide of your device for more information on the supported connection types.

    If you have problems connecting your device and computer using a certain connection type, select another connection type if it is available and supported by your device.

    If you have disabled the Bluetooth software on your computer in Nokia PC Suite before starting to use Nokia Ovi Suite, the Bluetooth software is disabled in Nokia Ovi Suite, too. First enable Bluetooth software on your computer to connect your device to the computer via Bluetooth in Nokia Ovi Suite.

    If you connect your device via a USB cable and via Bluetooth simultaneously, Nokia Ovi Suite automatically uses the USB cable connection as it is faster and more reliable. Only if you disconnect the cable from your device or computer does Nokia Ovi Suite start using the Bluetooth connection instead. You can check the current connection type from the device area.


    You can start using other devices with Nokia Ovi Suite at any time. Connect your new device to the computer by selecting Tools > Add new device in Nokia Ovi Suite.


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