Troubleshooting backing up and restoring

If backing up or restoring the contents of your device fails, do one of the following:

  • If the connection between the device and computer is lost, first restart your device. Otherwise your device will stop working. Then reconnect the USB cable to your device in Nokia Ovi Suite (or PC Suite) USB mode. If this does not help, switch to a Bluetooth connection. For more information on connecting your device via Bluetooth, see About connecting your device via Bluetooth.

  • If your device’s battery level is too low, connect your device to a charger .

  • If the folder that you are trying to save the backup file in is not found, check the file path to the folder, or select another folder to save the file in.

  • If there is not enough space on the computer to save the backup file, delete some files from the computer, or relocate the files to a memory stick or an external hard drive.

  • If the backup file you selected is not available anymore, choose another one to restore to your device .

  • If some of the device contents was not backed up or restored successfully, try making the backup or restoring the contents again.

  • If the device does not have enough memory to restore the selected backup file, the part of the content that does not fit is saved on your computer. The location where the content is saved is the same where you have chosen to save the backup files. The location is also shown on the screen. Note that in some cases, the extra content is not saved on your computer, but you are asked to lessen the required space by deselecting some of the content types in the restore wizard’s backup file selection window.

  • If you do not choose any content to restore, the restoration cannot continue. Choose some content to restore to your device, and click Start.

  • If you disconnect your device during restoration, you need to restart your device and do the restoration again to ensure the device will work properly.

Troubleshooting backing up and restoring