Backup and restore overview

Make a backup of all or just a part of  your device’s content with Nokia Ovi Suite’s backup wizard. It is worth backing up your device content when, for example, you are about to switch to using a new device, or you just want to store the device’s content safely on the computer.

Later you can restore, for example, your old device’s content to your new device, or some accidentally lost content back to your device with Nokia Ovi Suite’s restore wizard. Note that if you have previously used Nokia PC Suite to back up your device content, you can restore the backup files with Nokia Ovi Suite.

Open the backup and restore wizards from Tools > Backup and Tools > Restore.

Ovi Nokia Help info Backup and restore overview Note:

If you have been transferring copy-protected music tracks prior to using the backup or restore wizard, switch your device’s USB mode back to Nokia Ovi Suite (or PC Suite) USB mode. Refer to the user guide of your device for more detailed information on selecting the USB mode.

Some device models do not support all features of Nokia Ovi Suite. Therefore some features described in this help may not be available for the device model that you are using.

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Backup and restore overview