About automatic backing up

You can have a daily automatic backup made of all your personal data. The personal data includes the following content:

  • contacts

  • calendar items

  • messages

  • notes

  • landmarks

  • browser bookmarks, and

  • web feeds of the podcasts you have ordered.


The automatic backing up is turned off by default, but you can turn the automatic backups on from Tools > Options > My Devices. In the same place you can also change the frequency of the automatic backups (for example, if they are made daily or weekly), and where the backup files are stored on the computer.

Ovi Nokia Help info About automatic backing up Note:

You need to first exit the backup wizard before modifying these options.


An automatic backup is run only after you have not used Nokia Ovi Suite after a certain period of time. The automatic backup only takes a few minutes, and you can continue using Nokia Ovi Suite without any disruptions while the backup is ongoing. It is recommended that you do not access the device content when the automatic backup is ongoing.

The progress of the automatic backup is shown in the device area. You will also see a notification on the device area once the automatic backup is complete. If for some reason the automatic backing up failed, you can just wait for the next automatic backup to take place.

A reminder is shown on the device area after a certain period of time if making an automatic backup was not possible. The notification is shown after three days or three weeks, depending on how frequently you have set the automatic backups to be made (daily or weekly).

Nokia Ovi Suite automatically deletes older automatic backups from the computer to make sure the computer has enough memory.


About naming the backup file

The default name of the backup file consists of the name of your device and the date the backup was made. If you have made a manual backup, and an automatic backup also exists for the same day, the name of the backup file also tells you which one is which. The file name of the automatic backup has the word “auto” in it – for example, [name of the device]_2009-01-22_auto.nbu – whereas the manual backup’s file name does not – for example, [name of the device]_2009-01-22.nbu. If you make multiple manual backups during the same day, the backup file name also includes the time of the backup.

You can also freely rename your backup file. In the content selection window of the wizard, click Browse and type in the new name for the file in the File name field. Click Save to save the file in the desired location and to close the dialog.

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