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Connecting your device to a computer

Connect your Nokia mobile device to the computer with a USB cable or Bluetooth wireless connection. Sign into Ovi online services and you can keep your device and computer in sync, update your device with the latest software, and keep your valuable content safe and accessible everywhere.

It is recommended that you use a USB cable connection if available. A USB cable connection is faster and easier to use than a Bluetooth connection. To find out more about USB cable connections, see About connecting your device via a USB cable.


Syncing content

What is syncing and why would you do it? To find out more, see About syncing.


Nokia Ovi Suite Home

Home offers you an at-a-glance view of the most recent content on your device and computer, and quick access to recommended mobile applications from your local Ovi Store. Home also makes it easy for you to modify your sync options, create an internet connection, back up device content, and more. To find out more, see Home overview and Applications, music and more from Ovi.


Switching your device

When you are switching to a new device, it’s easy to move your old device’s contents, like all your contacts and messages, to the new one. Just back up the old device’s contents, then restore them to the new one with Nokia Ovi Suite’s backup and restore wizards. To find out more, see Backup and restore overview.


Other help sources

Nokia Ovi Suite online

Access How to-video tutorials, FAQs, and a host of other useful information on the Nokia Ovi Suite website. To learn more, go to Nokia Ovi Suite online.


Nokia discussion forum

Got a question? Send a few lines to the Nokia discussion forum and find someone who can answer it for you. To start asking, go to Nokia discussion forum.


Introduction to Nokia Ovi Suite